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About Me

Respected Sir/ Madam,

I am pleased to furnish my C.V with this application. I know that your organization has a policy to hire the best professional to provide the highest level of service to your clients. I feel myself inclined to apply for a position in your organization that matches my qualification and experience.

In my previous tenure of my professional career I Accomplished:

·         In a newly formed Partnership established new accounts system and implemented inter department Documentation flow and finalized new partner’s contribution calculation

·         In current company I was assigned to keep control and check over 1 company of a Group to control the over expenditure of the company finally in the last report I proved and saved more than 500k

·         accomplished Audits of three companies of the group while direct communication with Auditors

I am D.Com, B.Com, B.Com (Hon’s), M.Com, M.B.A and now P.I.P.F.A is in progress, constituted by (I.C.A.P,  I.C.M.A,   A.G.P) .

Over all Job experience is, 12 years.

Worked as a Assistant Finance Manager in Govt. Notified Body, RACS Quality Certificates Issuing Services LLC. It’s a group of company having branches worldwide; Core area of my duties was Procurement and Accounts Payable. (OCT 2016 to Apr 2023)

Worked as Senior Accountant in a newly formed partnership, GBT Industrial L.L.C (Dubai U.A.E) calculated final contribution by the partners, supervising all accounts, Inventory and made policies and procedures for the company. (Dec 2014 to Sep 2016)

Worked as Senior Auditor in Paul and Hassan Chartered Accountants (Dubai U.A.E)

(2 years 2 Months)
I have managed the Accounts, Banks, Work fours and other operations of The Print Point and Pack (A printing Press) (1 year. 1 Month)

As part of requirements of the above qualifications, I was involved in practice of assurance, advisory and business services at a leading firm of Chartered Accountants, Grant Thornton International, Islamabad (Pakistan). During this association with the GT I have worked on positions of Audit Assistant.

I was involved in the accounts department of three companies of Akbar Associates Group to the position of Accounts officer  During this span of time I was involved in controlling three Companies, their  Bank accounts,  Bank reconciliations,  Correspondence with bank,  Payable, Deduction and filing of Tax,  Doing entries,  Filing,  Managing director’s personal expenses,  Inter Company adjustments,  Preparation of statutory Audit

I have sufficient knowledge of Microsoft application software(s), Tally, Peachtree Software, Quick Book, Financial Information Control System (F,I.C.S) software customized by the ADOS Pakistan Limited. And I had done the Excel and Advance Excel courses.

My resume is enclosed herewith for your consideration and record. It speaks more about me; the information in this will help you to consider me right person with exact profile that is required by your organization.


Thank you for your time and consideration.  I am looking forward to receive your reply.


Fahad Shahzad Toheedi


MBA Finance

University of Peshawar

Masters of Business Administration

M. Com

University of Peshawar

Masters of Commerce

B.Com Hon's

University of Peshawar

Bachelor of Commerce (Hon's )


2005 to 2007
University of Peshawar

University of Peshawar

Work & Experience

Assistant Finance Manager

10/05/2016 - 04/14/2023
RACS Quality Certificates Issuing Services LLC- Dubai UAE

1. Worked as Assistant Finance Manager in Govt. Notified Body, RACS Quality Certificates Issuing Services LLC. It’s a group of company having branches worldwide. Worked under the Finance Manager of the whole group, during this long tenure performed duties in each department of Accounts and Finance Core area of my duties was Procurement and Accounts Payable and accomplished Audits of three companies of the group while direct communication with Auditors.  Some of my main achievements were:  Arranging best possible quotes from new suppliers, and their registration in software as per company Policy and predefined protocols  Maintaining Suppliers files with their documents, mutual contracts and agreements  Issuing LPO as per the Contract terms after required approvals as per predefined hierarchy levels  After receiving the required materials, Invoice and D.O and after reviewing it with related suppliers Contract I was performing validation process of invoice, getting confirmation from related supervisors who ordered it  Recording the Invoice in System after all required approvals and accounting principles like CapEx or OpEx, nature etc.  Processing of suppliers payments as per the payment terms mentioned in the Contracts  Coordination with the suppliers for all the necessary requirements considering the Tax invoice rules as defined by the Federal Tax Authorities  Requesting SOA (Statement of Accounts) to Performed Reconciliation with the suppliers.  Uploading the Payments after Manager’s approval in online Banking Portal as maker for the final authorization of MD  Recording of Payments and bank reconciliations etc.  Preparing Financials and making accounts ready for Audit, after doing closing entries like PDCs, prepayment entries, reversals, Depreciations, Provisions, if required passing necessary JVs, reconciling intercompany transactions etc.



Account Receivable , Account Payable

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